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1.1 Beta 5 and GoogleTalk

hey all, I’‘m testing the new Beat of the gateway and trying to get GoogleTalk to work and it seems I’‘m not understanding how it works. I’‘ve changed to settings in the admin console to turn the GTalk gateway on and run the test which was successful. I then registered my GTalk account within the admin console (I use Spark and heard that you can’‘t do it on the client). As I understand it, I link my OpenFire account to my GoogleTlak account through the registration, is this correct? If so, should I then see my GoogleTalk Contacts (I see the Google Transport show up)? I don’‘t see any GTalk contacts and I don’'t seem to be able to talk to any anyway (although I do see communication to Google from my server happening on 5222). Am I missing something? Does this not work with LDAP for some reason (our server is setup with LDAP connection to AD). I have the most recent Openfire server and most recent Spark. Any thoughts?

I have a google talk account registered through the gateway and it all works great for me.

After registering them, my accounts are added to my roster directly as: user%gmail.com@gtalk.domain.ext.

So not all users are having this issue.

Have you tried adding a new contact in this format?

thanks for the tips. I did a little more digging and found I needed to use the full version of GoogleTalk to register users (instead of the web flash version) and then all appeared fine. Since I had never used GoogleTalk I didn’‘t have any contacts (other than some accounts that showed up due to gmail) and thus I couldn’'t tell it was really working. Thanks for replying, so far so good on availability and rosters.

ah, nothing better than replying to your own posts I always say. So, one potential bug I have found with the transport. If I file A Google User under a Group (say “Friends”) and then a exit out of Spark and then back in, the show up back under “unfiled” with the correct status but they also still show up under “Friends” but offline no matter what their real status is (as if they are different users even though though their profiles match). If I then re-file the user under “Friends” Spark knows they are the same so you just end up with the one user under “Friends” marked available (or whatever their status is). This may be a Spar issue more than a gateway\transport issue but I thought I’'d put it out there.

I think this is related to spark. I think I had sort of the same issue with spark some time ago with the msn gateway.

Everything works fine with Adium X (probably also with Pidgin) and Psi. The best thing to do is trying another client to see if the same happens. Also try to re-add them in the new client.

yeah, I was thinking that might be it. Thanks for the tips, I will certainly try out other clients to see where th issue lies. I appreciate the quick help.

This was just added to Spark Will be in 2.5.6 along with XMPP transport support.

Yay Derek!