1.2.4d Update (IRC)

First off, thanks for the update. I haven’t been using OpenFire long but it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with it either. Anyway, i could tell 1.2.4c wasn’t working correctly. The only gateway i have worried about thus far is IRC. Now that the plugin has been updated i am able to connect to my IRC server but there are still some quarks.

  • If my permissions are set to “All users can register” no one can register
  • If i set permissions to “Manual registration only” and create the corresponding registrations those users function 100%
  • If after creating those registrations manually i change permissions back to “All users can register” only the users i manually created registrations for function correctly.
  • If i delete the manual registrations and set my permissions back to “All users can register” no one can register and no one can use the IRC gateway.

Just thought i would let you know what i am experiencing. If i can help in any other way please let me know.

*edit: *I also noticed that if a user tries to log into an IRC server but the username you have registered in OpenFire is taken it will not allow you to log into the IRC server. Any way to pass onto the client that the nick name you are trying to use is currently taken?