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1 user can't login

I’ve set up an openfire server and alot of clients using spark 2.5.8.

the users are in different parts of the world and all can log in execpt for one.

the error message he gets is can’t connect to server: invalid name or server not reachable. and it doesnt matter if i use the IP or the DNS name on that client.

It looks like a networking issue to me. Can you try with a different client on that machine (Exodus, Psi, Pidgin)? Also, is there some firewall on the server side? Maybe something is blocking the traffic from that distant machine. This error only means that Spark can’t even see such a server.

or a firewall on the client machine. can he ping the server? an IP will not help, the user must use the name of the server as that is how the JID is constructed (ex johnd@chatserver.domain.com).