100% new at openfire - please can somebody advise me?

Hello all,

I think I have got as far as I can without asking newbie questions. Here is my scenario…

I am the caretaker at a community conference building and have been asked to get a feed of what happens in the main auditorium to a tv screen (PC monitor) in another room.

The initial idea was to use a Skype PC in the main hall and video call the PC in the other room.

It worked, but was poor quality and full of lag and delay.

So, I would like to do the same thing but only using our internal network. I think OpenFire is my answer?

Is this what I need to do?

  1. install open fire server on a PC.

  2. install an xmpp client on the ‘main hall’ laptop and also on the ‘other room’ laptop.

  3. adjust a load if settings to use the server address for the clients.

  4. make a video call…

  5. receive pat on back from manager.

Please can you let me know…

  1. which xmpp client? (This bit confuses me)

  2. is open fire ONLY a server? Or is it also the client?

  3. what plugins do I need to install? I think Spark might be needed but again, I don’t understand.

  4. and finally, what other advice can you offer please?

Many thanks


An update…

I have installed openfire on a mac and am using it as a server…

i have installed xabber on two android devices.

I have created 2 user accounts on the mac.

I have connected both android devices to the mac server and in ‘sessions’ have it confirmed that both accounts are online.


if i try to send a message from one android account (called mainhall) to the other (called kids) i am told by xabber that the recipient is offline. (but the web interface for openfire says othersise)

i loaded and enabled the ‘Asterix IM’ plugin… but dont understand it. (and dont know if i even need it!)

can somebody advise me please?

Many thanks.

further update…

after messing about and pressing lots of different buttons over and over again… (so tbh i don’t know what i did…) this happened…

i installed the Kracken IM gateway

restarted openfire

installed spark on the mac

logged into ‘spark’ as ‘kids’ and tried to search for ‘mainhall’ user… it couldn’t connect to the search facility.???

However, suddenly i was able to send IM from the mac to one android device…

then i was able to send IM’s from one android to the other.

I have NO IDEA what i did to get this to work!

Is there a delay when adding people? does it take the server some time to start serving i wonder?

so, i can now IM between the two Android machines… but can anyone help me with video?

Many thanks

I’m a little confused on what you’re looking for? Are you looking for an IM server, video conferencing, or just a security camera type system for monitoring video feeds?

Hi Speedy,

Thanks for taking the time to ask…

Long term what I want is to send the audio and video from the Main hall to the reception computer.

I have no tv wires, or equipment, but I do have a great data network and 3 computers.

I have started again from scratch. I have a fresh install on my server machine of Linux Mint17 and Openfire 3.9.3

I have installed Jitsi on another linux machine, created a username ‘main hall’ and I HAVE connected to the server. (the admin webpage on the server shows ‘mainhall’ as ‘online’ This machine will be the one that sends the video and audio signals.

I have installed xabber on my android phone, created a username ‘reception’ and I HAVE connected to the Openfire server. (again, the web admin page twlls me this)

I can send a broadcast from teh server machine to all connected accounts.

I know what i want to do is now a long way away from where I am… but I CAN NOT persuade the two user accounts to talk to each other in IM chat.

The Jitsi account (mainhall) tells me it is awaiting authentication from the other account.

The ‘reception’ account tells me that ‘mainhall’ is offline…

This confuses me a lot…

I know i said earlier that ‘it just stated to work’ when I was using the mac and the 2 android devices… but now I can’t make it work.

Any ideas? I would like to get the two usernames I have created to at least send IM’s to each other… then I can try for the video part later…

I have not set up an email address for the two user accounts… is the server trying to send an acceptance email i wonder?

many thanks to Speedy for asking and to anyone else that can help me.


im still a little confused on what you want to accomplish. If you are looking to monitor video feeds than I would recommend looking into ispyconnect

If you are wanting to use openfire for chatting and video conferencing with other users, than you should try setting up 3.10 (get the nightly build) and install the ofmeet plugin. Also, so that you don’t have to “add” users to rosters, create shared groups, and add your users to the group.

Hope some of this gets you on the right track.

Thanks Speedy,

I saw the ofmeet/ openfire 3.10 option earlier… i might well do that.

but for now… I would like to enable to users just to simply IM each other…

I won’t use it for anything… It just bugs me that I can’t get it to happen.

I have changed client to ‘pidgin’ and get a ‘not authorised’ tag on people I’ve added… How does one authorise a freind request (or better still - how to remove the need to authorise)?

thank you

Hello all,

I had a look and found people having the same issue I am having with not ‘authenticated’ users and not being able to connect to one another as far back as 2005!!! and still nobody has given an answer.

I have installed a nightly build of 3.10 … but I can’t even log my users online with that version. I tried twice to install… and gave up… and reinstalled 3.9.3

I can create a conference room and have both users talk (IM) to each other in the conference room… but that’s not what I want to do.


Has ANYBODY (not the dev’s) ever managed to make openfire work for them as a chat server like AOL / MSN / Skype etc…?

thank you.





ok, so here is the deal… if you use spark to chat then you can instantly chat with IM.

don’t try Xabber, pidgin, or quite frankly any other XMPP client… just use SPARK.

I must agree with speedy, that your way of implementing a new thing is confusing. Like throwing random stuff at it and hoping it will work.

No, it doesn’t have to be Spark. The thing is that different clients do things differently (the GUI part). Some want you to specify full username of a buddy. Like in Pidgin you have to specify user@server when adding a buddy. Spark just assumes you are searching on the server your user is on and adds the server part automatically (though it might be a user on another server, that’s why Pidgin is waiting for a full username). Some clients, like Xabber, provide a hint when adding a contact (grayed out "user@domain.name" in the field).

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