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1000 Active Directory Limit for Openfire users

I posted a day ago about an issue where when using an Active Directory server for authentication with openfire I was only reciving 1k of the users.

No one responded to my query, but I did find that this is controlled by a “page size” and imposed by active directory itself.

My question is, is there anyway to get the paging working in openfire so it can pull more than 1,000 users? Is paging turned on in the code itself?

I downloaded the trunk and saw that this was in the TODO…but couldn’t find it implemented.

I really, really need to support more than 1,000 users.

Well, I can’t speak for those developing Openfire, but a workaround is to change the MaxPageSize in AD.

Here’s an article with instructions on how to do it:


This can also be done per domain controller if you have a secondary (tertiary in our case) or less-used DC that you don’t mind larger queries going against.

How bad do you really really need it? A support contact with Jive goes along ways towards getting features implemented, or even for something like this a simple consulting job can take care of it fairly quickly (I dont think the Java needed to implement this would take more than a few hours).

I’ve been looking at code snippets and haven’t found anything I can implement…which is rather sad.

I did see in the comments of the code that dev was working on paging for the next version of openfire…as well as clustering if I am not mistaken.

I’d glady beta test both features…

Openfire needs to be able to do multiple bulk queries against the AD via LDAP as opposed to increasing the MaxPageView. Plenty of other programs are able to do this.

It would certainly be preferable if it did, as some organizations aren’t too keen on upping the page size since it can be abused and poorly written queries can cause large loads on servers that are generally relatively critical.

My organization being one of those very large companies. So how do we go about getting them to implement this? My issue is not being able to find all the groups I want to.


Getting a support contract goes a long way to getting this implemented. If you already have one, talk to your sales rep about what it would take. If you dont want to get a support contract, but want this implemented, would you be willing to pay someone to implement it? Jive has professional services, available for that sort of thing too. I think the biggest problem right now is there are not any current customers pushing Jive to implement this, and the rest of us volunteers dont have access to those kinds of environments to implement it.

I guess the question really is, what is it worth to you? I looked at the code a while ago, and I dont think it would be too hard to do, so I would imagine it isnt a huge project.

You’re telling me I need to pay jive for them to write their own software using good methods? That’s ridiculous

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Please excuse any misspellings or generally wrong answers.

Absolutely not. What Im saying is there is no priority for that feature at this time, and lots of other things that need to be done. We obviously cant work on everything at once. There are a couple of things that affect the priorities (more or less in this order):

  • Jive Internal Decisions

  • Community Contributions

  • Broken Things

  • Support Customer Requests

  • Contracted Work

  • Community Popularity (voting on issues)

  • Interesting Things

I didnt see any issues in JIRA already, so I created a new one . Issues with more votes tend to get looked at sooner, keeping the above priorities in mind.

Ok, that makes more sense. I understand that being the case then

Thumbed on my Blackberry.

Please excuse any misspellings or generally wrong answers.

I now realize I CAN find any AD group when I search. I was looking for DLs apparently and we are working on it on our end.

Still unable to find Distribution Lists in the the group search. Anyone have this working and how?