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2.2.0 Unix (tar.gz) file corrupt?


I am experiencing problems to extract the tar.gz file (under Solaris 9, Sparc).

I always get a checksum

error and a pretty empty folder when trying to extract (gzip -dc | tar xvf -)

Could you check, whether something is really wrong - or do I have to build from

the sources?

best regards


its related to the tar function, you need to use gnu tar have a look at this link for details.


There is also some mention of in the jive commercial site, but I couldn’'t find the link

Points please


There is a knowledge base on jivesoftware.com for Jive Messenger, check it

out here: http://www.jivesoftware.com/jive/kbcategory.jspa?categoryID=6


Thank you very much.

It worked fine.

Best regards


Hi Alex,

You’'re welcome.

BTW, you should mark the thread as answered, and if you are feeling generous reward the helpful person with some points


The hint to use gnu tar is the point here. Thank you