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2.3.0 Plans

Hey all,

Chen Hao and Gato have been making tremendous progress on SASL, TLS, resource binding, and other protocol bits that get us much closer to 100% XMPP 1.0 compliance. Because the code is ready to land in SVN, we’‘re going to do a 2.3.0 release much earlier than originally planned. Therefore, I’‘ve moved all open 2.2.x issues to 2.3.0 and 2.3.1. We’‘ll be doing a 2.2.1 release on Thursday and will have an alpha release of 2.3.0 available for testing soon. A good number of issues were fixed for 2.2.1 already. However, there probably won’'t be any releases after 2.2.1 in the 2.2.x series unless something critical comes up.



Thanks , hardship !