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2.4.4, no IM working

Installed 2.4.4 on RedHat AS 2.1. I can connect to the admin portal just fine. Users can create new accounts just fine. They can even log in. But attempting to add a buddy or chat with another user gets us no where. The admin portal shows them logged in, but the clients (tried Exodus and GAIM so far) show other user not logged in.

Where to look for errors? The logs in /opt/wildfire/logs don’'t appear to give me any insight.

If I re-request the subscription attempt, and hover over the user in GAIM, it says “Error: 404 remote server not found.”

Hey Jon,

I think that the following url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/entry.jspa?externalID=452&categoryID=2 2KB document[/url] may be what you need to read.

Let us know how it goes.


– Gato

thanks! that did the trick.