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2.4 + AD LDAP = Roster Problems

I have wildfire 2.4 and a Active Directory LDAP connection. I’'m using a search filter to narrow users down to a specific group (so not to get machines as well).

I can create groups in this OU i created called IMGroups and it pulls group information from this OU just fine, as well as pulling users in from my IMusers group. All this information shows up in the Admin Console perfectly, takes it a few seconds but it comes in.

My problem is, current clients out there already connected do not receive these group/user updates. New users who have just logged in for the first time do get the correct group/user information.

After a period of time this group information does propagate to the clients but they have to log-out and log-in. (example: around 5 last night a user couldn’‘t see me in the correct group but could see some users, in the morning when he logged in, he could see me. Vise verse i couldn’'t see him but now i can).

Is there a set time that updates get sent out or what?

Heres my config (minus sensitive information)

I noticed that someone had a similar post that i had not seen before, maybe i was blind.


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