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2.6.1 doesn''t share LDAP groups

Environment[/b]: Jive Wildfire 2.6.1 with JRE included; Windows Server 2003; SQL Server 2000; Pandion and Spark clients; users and groups provided by Active Directory[/b].

Problem[/b]: User and group LDAP providers are working fine through the Admin Console, but clients are not seeing shared groups in the their rosters. I currently have 2 LDAP groups configured with sharing enabled and “Show group in all users’’ rosters,” but all I receive from the server is this:


This is on a test system. I did a clean install this morning with a brand new database. Our production system is JM 2.1.4 (it’'s using MySQL on Linux).

I found a work-around, but I see another problem as well.

Work-around:[/b] After initially sharing the group, do this:

  1. Select Show group in group members’’ rosters[/i]

  2. Save Settings

  3. Select Show group in all users’’ rosters[/i]

  4. Save Settings

For some reason, the initial visibility setting isn’'t being save.

Another issue:[/b] In the Edit Group[/i] screen, the group selection list for Show group to members’’ rosters of these groups[/i] only shows the groups that were present at the last restart. For example, if we have group A, B, and C created, after created a new group D, only A, B, and C show up as options when editting group D.

Hey Cameron,

Is this a reproducible case? Can you provide me a step by step of what you are doing so I can try to reproduce it locally? Other option is for you to provide me a VMware image with your setup. BTW, I think that the second issue that you found while editing a shared group is related to a caching issue. Have you added those groups later in LDAP? You can try cleaning up the group cache from the admin console and see if all groups appear now?


– Gato

Yes, it’‘s reproducible. Here’'s my LDAP settings:

cn member description <![CDATA[
           (memberOf=cn=JabberAccess,ou=Security Groups,ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=com)


The way we have our AD setup here is that each department already has their own security group in AD. I basically follow these steps:

  1. In AD: add users to JabberAccess security group (needed for searchFilter)

  2. In AD: make the department’'s security group a member of the JabberAccess security group (needed for groupSearchFilter)

  3. In Wildfire: find the newly enabled group and turn on sharing to all users

I’'m using a test machine to do this right now, so if you need me to test a build, let me know.

Regarding my other issue, it was definately a caching issue. I think we figured that out during one of the developer chats a couple weeks ago.

Upgraded to 2.6.2, and everything is working now. Thanks



– Gato