2.62 Stuck at Login. Stuck at admin-console Session

Hi there,

I am currently using version 2.6.2. Periodically, some users will not be able to login after they logoff. And when that happens, I will login to the admin-console to check the user’‘s session. It will appear as online but closed. Also, after a while, the session page fails to load and thereafter, users cannot login anymore. Any idea what’'s wrong here? Thanks!

Any additional clues? Are there any error messages in the error logs? Also, what clients are your users using?



Hi Matt,

Which logs should I look into? Apparently, there’‘s quite a few logs - info, error, debug, std*, warn. There’‘re quite a few errors here and there but they don’'t seem relevant.

We are using a variety of clients, mainly JAJC, Pandion, Sparks, GAIM. Another observation is that, whenever this happens, I will need to restart wildfire, however the normal wildfire stop will not work. I have to kill the java processes manually.

There’'s also a problem with JAJC users, they keep getting a “Scan Line Error” message periodically, and when that happens, they are unable to receive normal messages.

Btw, we are using LDAP.



I wonder whether you hit some memory borders, on page /index.jsp (Server Settings) you can check the total memory usage and on page /system-cache.jsp (Cache Summary) the caches which should not cause trouble even if some are filled to 90%.