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2 Bugs: Groupchat

Hi everyone,

i’'m testing Jive 1.2.2 and found two bugs:

  1. When users are using Miranda (and maybe Trillian) to connect to the server and groupchat, jive gets irritated after a while (i don’'t know what the clients are exactly doing, but they use the ordinary protocol, maybe somehow different). Then there are several duplicate chatrooms, like the chatroom “test” exists five times, and no one can join anymore, no matter what client is used. Only restarting the jive daemon helps…

  2. After running jive for days some ghosts still exist in the groupchat, which are not listed in the session of the jive administration and are also not online anymore. so it seems jive forgot to delete them from the groupchat. only kicking or server restarting helps…

Thanks for your great work, i hope you’'ll find some time to fix the errors…



Hey flipkick,

Which version of JM are you using? I would recommend installing latest JM 2.3.0 beta 1 version and try again. Also remember to check your error log files and post any error you have in those files.


– Gato

And try testing it with other cleints (e.g. Exodus) to make sure this is not a client issue.