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2 Novice Type Questions

  1. I’‘ve got the server up and running and can connect and everything like that, but right now the domain points to our shared server’‘s co-loc domain (ie… server.hostingcomapy.org). I’'d like it so that the usernames are @ mydomain.com or otherdomainonserver.com and not the server.hostingcompany.org. Would I have to have multiple instances of the server running to do this or is there a way to make some sort of an alias or am I stuck with server.hostingcompany.org?

  2. In the install instructions, it said to run some sort of a script to install the server as a service so that it starts up when the server starts up (say after we have to do a reboot, for some crazy reason) but when I try and run the .sh script, it tells me I can’'t run it… This is a Red Hat Enterprise server, btw.


(I should mention that in no way do I claim to be a Linux expert… I was helping the guy who’‘s box this is set this up since he’‘s just as bad in Linux as I am, but I’'ve got some Unix experience from college and have had Linux running on various desktops (and I have OS-X on my laptop) so any help is appreciated on this!)


1[/b]. In the Admin console under System Properties[/b], set the xmpp.domain[/b] property to yourdomain.com[/i]. Configure DNS so that the client can discover which server it needs to connect to whenever you attempt to log with username@yourdomain.com[/i]. The DNS setup is explained here:


2[/b]. The script may not have execute permissions. Either fix the permissions to you can run it:

chmod 555 redhat-postinstall.sh[/code]

or just pass it to your shell to run it:

sh redhat-postinstall.sh[/code]