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[2] OpenLDAP jpegPhoto attribute as OpenFire Contact Image?

Couple of days ago i posted same thread. Nobody seems interested to answer back. Please take a look and pour some suggestion.

I am using openldap to maintain authentication and profile of the users. I am using latest version of openfire. I mapped some of the openldap attributes with openfire field during setup. It seems working fine.

I setup an account in psi and logged in successfully. I can do everything except post my photo in profile. I reinstall openfile, it seems the image option is not available for mapping. How to map the photo attribute of openfire with jpegPhoto of openldap attribute so the image of ldap will always be shown through OpenFire.



Hi Sarose,

I did reply to a similar thread yesterday but it seems that I missed your one. JM-773 is still open so I guess that this is not yet possible.