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2 Very Good Ideas for Fastpath

I’'d like to see variables in the macros/initial responses, the variables could be global for the server for canned responses ie. “Hi my names is , how can i help” and also for the others you could do variables that came from the form, like “Hi , how can i help you?” where name would be whatever they entered into the form prior to the chat request.

You could extend this to handle all the form inputs in variables into the macros…

Also, during a fastpath session, if you’'re trying to END the conversation prior to the person leaving, it should probably throw a warning. Today someone in the office had just started a conversation with a client and litterally seconds later accidently hit the wrong close tab and the conversation dissapeared, also this should be the same for the “end conversation” button.

What are peoples thoughts on these?

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no responses?

I think those are good ideas. I’'ll throw them by the product manager! Thank you for the feedback.

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FWIW, I too think these are good ideas. I don’'t currently use FastPath, though I do plan on using FastPath in the future.

I agree with the variables in the templates. That’'d be a fantastic improvement!

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