3.1 Release Update

Hey all,

I’'m dissapointed to say that the we decided not to bring out the 3.1 release yesterday. The beta is looking very solid so far. However, there are a few additional features that we really want to get into the release and we also want to make sure that stability is high. Features that are left to implement:

  • Full set of LDAP changes. A lot of good fixes are in place, but work on LDAP as part of the setup process is not yet done.

  • Gateway support. Daniel is make great progress and the beta will be out very soon, but we’'d like to time the beta and final releases more closely to one another so that 3.1 can make a bigger splash.

So, what’‘s the new time frame? Our best guess is either two weeks from now or three weeks from now for a final release. We’'ll have at least one more beta release before then to track progress and will keep posting updates.



Do you expect it to be earlier. I really need the plugins.

Matt, just dont think of any new features till then. Cause we want to see 3.1.0 after all

LG, you da artist !


Wildfire is very popular and http://www.smiliegenerator.com/ has them all, also

Heh, I think I like the first smiley picture more. Wildfire 3.1 is a bit delayed, but it will be a release we’'ll be proud of.


I’‘m definetly looking forward to the gateways. It could potentially mean that I’'d only have a single network im client instead of multi.

DreadWingKnight wrote:

It could potentially mean that I’'d only have a single network im client instead of multi.

Yes we are hoping to get rid of some part of legacy clients. That’'s MSN, Yahoo, ICQ. But we have a large Skype users group also.


Does this mean 3.1 will tackle Skype integration?



chuckle No there aren’‘t plans for it, but there does appear to be a java API available, so it’‘s not completely outside the realm of possibilities. That said, skype is more audio focused than text chat focused isn’'t it? Right now the IM Gateway is focusing on text based.

Anyway, if there is interest I’‘d be happy to create a jira issue and look into it. (again, keeping in mind that it’'ll likely only do the text chat aspect of it)

-update- I looked over the APIs a tad and well… they all appear to need a compiled counterpart, thereby making it quite difficult to distribute nicely alongside the IM Gateway plugin. =/ sigh. Looks like no one has implement a 100% written in Java API for skype. If anyone happens to see one, let me know.

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AFAIK all Skype APIs require the Skype application to be running on the host. Due to the encryption, the protocol hasn’‘t been cracked yet, and Skype itself doesn’'t want to reveal it (security by obscurity at its best).

=( yeah, that’'s what I was seeing too. sad news.

I might regret saying this, but what other IM networks might folk be interested in?

Right now I am working with:






I’‘m not saying I’'m automatically going to do all suggestions, but I am interested to hear what else folk might be interested in.


I wonder which other IM networks do exist: MS LCS, IBM Sametime or general SIP IM.

An included 2-way email-gateway would be fine, even JS Forum offers an option to post replies via email.


jadestorm wrote:

I might regret saying this, but what other IM networks might folk be interested in?

Right now I am working with:






Maybe Adium’'s list of additionally supported protocols can help here:



Novell Groupwise

Lotus Sametime




(Jabber makes sense, if you want to be online on two accounts at the same time, either work/home, or one of the servers doesn’'t support s2s)

I would really like IBM Sametime support,it has a Java API that might help. But then again it is not critical for me, I just would like to ditch gaim in favor of a pure jabber only client Spark or Pandiom.

for what is worth, here the link to their API



Rumor has it that IBM is working on an XMPP gateway. Hopefully we’'ll see it soon, as that would be the ideal way to interact with Sametime.


Hey, good to know. =) From what I can see of their java toolkits though, they appear to be “win only”. I don’‘t see any flat out universal java. My guess is they’'re using . what is it… JSI? (is that the thing where they put a java front end on c++, c, whatever code?)

But the LDAP setup feature would be a really cool thing!

Indeed! The LDAP work is looking great!

is multiple domain / virtual domain support on the 3.1 roadmap?