3.5.1 crashing, logs report missing schema

Openfire 3.5.1

Admin console listening at:

http:// . .!http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/images/emoticons/cry.gif! :9090

https:// . .!http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/images/emoticons/cry.gif! :9091

Missing database schema for asterisk-im. Attempting to install…

asterisk-im - Database update failed. Please manually upgrade your database.

Starting Clustering Plugin

Enterprise plugin found. Stopping Clustering Plugin

Starting Fastpath Server

Enterprise plugin found. Stopping Fastpath Plugin

Starting Monitoring Plugin

Enterprise plugin found. Stopping Monitoring Plugin

-Users login

-Then Openfire stops responding

Any thoughts?


it may help to remove all plugins.


PS: Daniel did blog a few days ago:

Important, Seriously, Pay Attention, Read This

If you install the Monitoring and/or Fastpath plugin, make absolute sure that you read the readme first! There are included instructions for how to migrate your database from the Enterprise plugin to the new plugin database tables. If you have ever run the Enterprise plugin or the old Fastpath plugin before it was integrated with Enterprise, make sure you don’t forget this or you will be unhappy!