3.5.1 File transfer failing

I installed a new installation of 3.5.1 on SQL w /AD and file transfer fails stating user not logged in when I have chats open.

I point the clients to an old 3.4.5 install with an expired enterpise license and file transfer works fine.

Any one else seen this or tested file transfer on 3.5.1


Hey jwoodpdx,

Could you paste any relevant log entries from error.log or warn.log? If you see none, try to enable Debug Logging in the admin console and check debug.log as well.

I was getting the following.

The user is offline. Will auto-send “sparkplug_dev_guide.html” when user comes back online.

When I Enable contact list group sharing and gave the group a name it seems to work fine.

So it looks like this is a requirement for file sharing with active directory.