3.5.x --> 3.6.x

We’ve been using a 3.5.x deployment for quite a while and upon upgrading to 3.6.x had massive problems with the LDAP. I could never get through the LDAP configuration completely, even after I was able to get the first screen to authenticate corerctly. I tried doing a clean install of Openfire on a fresh VM and ran into the same problem. Almost out of ideas, I installed 3.5.2 on another VM using identical settings and it works perfectly (of course, in so doing I had to create/use another db as some mappings are different).

I haven’t been able to determine what is going on with this, and I don’t even really know where to start… is this a bug in 3.6.x that is prevelant or is it something perhaps in my db.

Our setup is all Win2k with AD and SQL2005.

Thanks for any help with this.

no problem in 3.6 to my knowledge. I have it woking fine with AD, but I use MySQL on windows.