3.6.0a upgrade mysql problem

On Solaris 10, my openfire 5.2 server worked great. When I upgraded to 3.6.0a. I can’t seem to get it functioning properly. It won’t hook up with the mysql db. I dropped the old db filename, recreated it, then wrote the mysql driver (with jid correction). No joy. When I looked in the error logs they were empty. Any ideas what I’m failing to do?



Could you support some error messages?

I had a (similar) problem with the database update scripts being incompatible with

mysql v4.1, when updating to the latest release.

But without any concrete error messages, its just guessing.



This JIRA issue may be of some help for Mysql issues on version 4.1




Yes, that’s exactly the change I did, to make the sql update work on release 4.1 of mysql.

But I guess that wasn’t his problem?

wont hook up with the database << sounds like missing or wrong credentials?

A missing parameter or info for the mysql connector?

guessing regards,