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3.6.3 Issues

I wanted tp post 2 issues I have encounterd while using Openfire3.6.3 on my Linux(PCLinux MiniMe) Server.

1- I wanted to use the ability to set up additional groupchat networks. So, that users would be able to open

there own under one and admin/system based(permanent) chats would remain under conference. What I

experience was that it seemed like the 2 service would run fine & seperate for a few days. But seem to all

of a sudden “collapse” in onto each other! Causing certain rooms to stop functioning & one of the services

to disappear.

2- This issue is regarding the “content filter”. The other night the system was brought to its knees & became

inaccessible to all users and to me via the web console. When a few users decided to monkey with the filter

feature. Because it was ammusing seeing the “n-word” masked. They apparently did this nonstop for what

seemed like 10mins straight(I was away at the time*). Only to come back and see a sea of pop up messages

about blocked words being used. After I cleared all that away. The system booted me and everyone else off.

I was forced to do a reinstall to get everyone back in. And yes, you bet I DID ban those guys too. But my issue

is: what can be done to prevent anything like that from happening again?!

Ok, this is ridiculous…

154 views and almost 2 weeks later. And NO ONE has ever experienced these issues.

Or NO DEV has an idea whats causing these issues or can prevent them?!=\

I could understand if issue #1 cant be answered. But #2 is pretty important to us as we

do run this on a community like service. And we do have folks that seem to act more a

shoe size than his/her age. So, the content filter did its job of keeping these users a bit

“honest”. Making the moderator’s jobs a tad easier.

Now its gotten so bad. I had no choice but to disable the plugin as anyone who knew of

it would “test it” by repeatedly assulting the system with banned words. Thus, causing a

“meltdown”. So any ideas or advice on that will be greatly appreciated. As we really do

need that feature more so than the multiple MUC services.

Thank you

First of all, this is a community driven portal. All of us (except of a few Jive employees) are just simple users of Openfire/Spark/etc. as you are. We have no obligations to answer all questions and requests. As about Jive developers, i doubt you will get they attention soon. Some of them looks through the forums time to time, but not very often. They are focused on their commercial products, so Openfire and Spark are lacking the attention.

#1 is probably related to JM-1464 bugs. Nothing can be done until this mess is fixed by developers. Personally i think multi-conference-service feature should be removed until it’s tested.

You cant do anything with #2 issue as this plugin was provided by a community member and he is not active anymore. Openfire developers won’t fix this plugin. You can try contacting Conor, the author of this plugin @http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/people/Conor

Hi Mike,

It’s also a good idea when reporting issues to provide a step-by-step account of how to reproduce the problem and to describe in detail how you have Openfire and the Content Filter plugin configured.



Thanks Ryan,

I’ll try to get as detailed as I can. Im not a coder or anything so, it might not be as deep as needed.

But I’ll start with the issues in order as 1st mentioned and see where that gets us.


AMD64x2 4200+ AM2, 2GB DDR2 & 20GB Seagate EIDE HHD(what Openfire runs from*)


No other OS’s or virtualizers running

Issue#1- Multiple MUC Services:

As described. The issue here is If I created an additional service for MUC’s aside from the default “conference” one. Everything will run fine for a few days. But later on, the extra chat service I created will disappear. And a few of the rooms that were on it merge with the ones on the conference service. Theres no major tweaks or configs I do to this(or anything*). Most I’ll do is set 2 mods and 3 rooms for it. Each room set to display in list, be moderated and allow users to register to them.

Im not sure exactly what to look for as far as the logs go. They are setup & running. But when I look them over in the admin console. It always looks the same. As if nothing ever happened. Any errors that do pop up seem to keep aiming at some mortbay or jetty mess.

Issue#2- Packet Filter2.0.2 Plugin:

This plugin setsup without any problems. And it will actually operate fine for days on end. Catching a few banned words here n’ there. But as of late, there has been users that have discovered this feature and made it a personal quest to see how “detailed” it was. 1st time was accidental then curiousity. 2nd time was blatant. 3rd time was blatant to show other new users(dont worry, those guys ARE banned*).

I have the filter setup to catch racial slurs & derrogatory comments. Its not too highly detailed but the idea was that we’d add more with time. So, this aroused curiousity and the lousy reason to test and see why some words are blocked but others are not. Even though our ToS says “not to use them anyways”. The plugin was 1st set to allow the packets through but mask them. Then IM the admin including the packet. 2nd setup after the 1st crash was that I then BLOCKED the packets and setup a warning message. I left the notifier on to alert the admin and add the packet. 3rd crash & final crash. I just turned it completely off and gave up.

The crashes are very low key. We never realize they happen until I see no activity in a chat. Nor does anyone respong ti my PM’s or IM’s. I can look and see everyone connected in the console. But its like all activity has frozen. No one mentions being offline. Just the fact that activity stops. So, to correct it. I turn off the filter plugin and reboot the machine. As restarting Openfire does’nt do anything except send you back through the initial setup again. When you surf into the console.

We really wanted that working to help ease the mod’s duties. But, it looks like we’ll be handling things old skool for now^^

Hi Mike,

do you see errors in the log file which match JM-1464?

Something should be logged when the two conference services have a problem.

The filter plugin is quite simple and it’s of course not the solution to block everything. It’s similar to a one-way street - only a few people add gates at both ends to make sure that drivers really use the right direction. Also most stop lights do not have a barrier to stop drivers who want to violate a law. Having said this you may want to adjust your usage policy and make sure that users know it.Trying to filter leet (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leet) words like /|/\6!24 is only fun is you have nothing else to do.

Do you see looping or blocking threads? JVM Settings and Debugging may be interesting to identify such issues.