3.7.1 LDAP Auth with 2k8 R2 Domain

Hi all users,

I configure my Openfire 3.7.1 (running on x64 CentOS 6) to authenticate users in my active directory Windows 2008 Server R2.

This is my Openfire configuration:

Base DN: cn=users; dc=domain, dc=local

Administrator DN: esxadmin@domain.local

Connection Test=success

User Mapping=failed

This is my 2k8 R2 DC configuration:

domain.local\users\spark (spark is a security group - global)

I would like to enable users in the group (spark) to connect and Incorporates the service.

With the same configuration my 3.5.1 works perfectly.

Many thanks to anyone who wanted to help me!

same case with me !

my workaround is : create a new OU , let say spark and move the account to it, then set base DN: ou=spark,dc=domain,dc=local

Hi Anthony thanks for reply,

But this is not a solution, is to avoid the problem…

Will there be a way? Usersss UP!

make your base dn the root of your domain. DC=domain,DC=local.

then you can use ldap filters to filter out what you don’t want.

Hi speedy, thank a lot 4 your answer.
Now of course everything is working OK displays all groups, users, computers, etc. …
What should I set in ldap.searchFilter and ldap.groupSearchFilter to display only users in the AD group “Spark”

See attached image.

Thank you very much.

this is how I handle mine



Thank you sooooooo much!

There is a one problem in doing this, that I haven’t found a way around, and thats for creating broadcast groups with inside AD