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3.7.2 "stable" version

I’m a newbie to the OpenFire communities and code, but I’m looking to work with some of the latest developments from the great community here. For several of them I see reference to “requires OpenFire 3.7.2”, however I can’t seem to find any links to a 3.7.2 build other than in the issue tracking site or some posts about nightly build. I don’t see tags or branche for 3.7.2 in the repo.

Does 3.7.2 just refer to the current trunk, or is there a tagged, “stable” build of this release train yet (relizing this is still in alpha I’m gleaning)?

Specifically I’m looking at the WebSocket support added by integrating Jetty 7.5

As I understand, Openfire uses Jetty as an embedded web server (instantiated programattically), assuming I’ve got that right, could someone give me initial pointers for how and where the Jetty instance gets created, configured, started up? Ultimately I’d like to explore leveraging a single Jetty instance for OpenFire and other applications, preferring to modify OpenFire to “refer” to an existing Jetty instance (versus making the other apps slaves/plugins to OpenFire)


Not a developer myself, but as far as i know there is no 3.7.2 branch or build and it is probably refering to the latest trunk.

Yep, latest trunk is labelled 3.7.2 alpha if you download and build.

The taste is in the eating. Just download the source and run the build script. It only requires Ant.

Two Jetty web service instances are created at startup. One for the admin web console on 9090 and the other for BOSH (http-bind) on 7070. Both ports can be reconfigured.

From a plugin, you can access both or even create a new one if required.

You build it from trunk as Dele said, or you can download a nightly build and install it. That will be a 3.7.2 alpha.

Thanks Robin, I forgot about the automated nightly builds

Any ideas on the level of “production readiness” of the trunk? I am currently migrating mx 3.6.4/MySQL to 3.7.1/PostGREs. The question in teh moment: Do we want to run 3.7.2 alpha. I would say:Yes, what the heck. My Admin team thinks that would be to daring…