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3.9.1 Linux - Connection Issues 1 Subnet

Hi All,

Not sure if anyone can help me with this as it makes no sense to me. We have 1200-1500 people on Openfire at any given time but one of our buildings some users have issues connecting. They login and it boots them out right away but the kicker is if I restart the openfire service they can connect for 3-5 days but then it starts all over again.

I’ve turned off IP tables on the server, I thought maybe the firewall was doing it but it is not.

There is no hardware firewalls between the building in question and the building the server is in.

Other people in the building with the issues can connect but they are on different subnets.

Is there something in Openfire which could be holding open connections from these people so when they try to connect it thinks they are already online and boots them back off. Restarting the Openfire service seems to reset this for a period of time.


Oh this happens on both Spark and the SparkWeb.