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3 users on the server, and they can''t all see each other (pic explains it)


I have 3 users online, each have added each other as a buddy, yet some are shown as offline? What’'s going on?

Hi Phil,

if you are using Wildfire, is it possible for you to post the content of your JIVEROSTER for the three users?

It should for ben look like:

?,’‘ben’’, ‘‘phil@server’’,3,-1,-1,’‘phil’’

?,’‘ben’’, ‘‘craig@server’’,3,-1,-1,’‘craig’’

I assume that something did went wrong while subscribing and you will not see “3,-1,-1” six times. But it would be very nice if you could post these values so one can get this fixed.


Hello LG,

For the past few months since first setting up Wildfire(Jivemessenger at the time) I have had one user who is always shown offline and only to me, however the web interface and the other test users see him as online. I always thought it was a quirk perhaps because I used Kopete until there was a linux Spark client, then I got used to it and stopped paying attention until I saw this post and thought perhaps the problem is one and the same. I looked for “JIVEROSTER” but couldn’'t find it either in my Spark directory nor in the Wildfire interface nor in the Wildfire files on the server. Could you let me know where it is so that I may see if the problem I have is similar ?



Hi RioGD,

you will find it in the database, if you are using the embedded-db it’'s in the conf/wildfire.script file. Wildfire should not be running while you modify this value, no matter which database you are using.

Disclaimer: Please make a backup of your database before modifying anything.


I am using MySQL as the backend and found the Roster, which should be in your pm box, thank you.

The problematic user I renamed in it to “cantsee”, and I am “riogd”.

ID 6 used to be 2, -1, -1 so as suggested I changed it to 3, -1, -1, but this does not appear to make any difference, the user still appears offline to me, but online in the web console (and in fact he is really online).

Do you have any other suggestions ? It is strange that it is only with this user…

Thanks !



I just looked at RosterItem.java, lines 77ff and at the PM.

You have ID 5 with 1 -1 -1 and ID 6 with 3, -1, -1

So you should also change ID 5 to be 3, -1, -1 (and then restart Wifi) to see if this helps.


The meaning of the values:

-1 remove Indicates the roster item should be removed.

0 none No subscription is established.

1 to The roster owner has a subscription to the roster item’'s presence.

2 from The roster item has a subscription to the roster owner’'s presence.

3 both The roster item and owner have a mutual subscription.


-1 The roster item has no pending subscription requests.

0 The roster item has been asked for permission to subscribe to their presence

  • but no response has been received.

1 The roster owner has asked to the roster item to unsubscribe from it’'s

  • presence but has not received confirmation.


-1 There are no subscriptions that have been received but not presented to the user.

0 The server has received a subscribe request, but has not forwarded it to the user.

1 The server has received an unsubscribe request, but has not forwarded it to the user.

This message was actually written right after my previous one “Posted: May 8, 2006 12:20 PM”. I somehow got sidetracked and only noticed it now, unposted.[/NOTE]

Sorry after both myself and the other user restarted spark again after restarting Wildfire he appeared online to me. It appears restarting Spark was the missing key after adjusting the DB and restarting Wildfire.

Many thanks !!!