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4.0.0: AD groups are messed


After upgrading from 3.10 to 4.0.0, some of user groups have changed the order, so users were automatically moved to another group. This is very annoying, since I can’t move them back to the correct group - OF moves them to the 1st group automatically after logging in. Is it possible to fix that?

Not sure, but might be related LDAP Groups broken in 4.0.0

Yeah, I saw that thread, it might be. Hope, you’ll release the fix soon.

Not me, i’m not a developer for Openfire

A fix that should fix this issue has been applied to both the master branch (which will be the source for a future 4.1.0 release) as well as the 4.0 branch (which will be the source for the 4.0.1 release). In approximately two hours, our nightly builds should be updated with a version that includes this fix. For the impatient: try downloading an update straight from our build server.

Awesome, thank you! When approximately might we expect 4.0.1 release?

I don’t know.

Guus, is there a certain file that I just can overwrite in my current installation or it’s requried to copy all files from the nightly package?

As a totally unsupported upgrade mechanism, which causes kittens to be killed whenever you use it (seriously, backup & don’t do this with anything important): try replacing the openfire.jar file from your installation with the one from the nightly (it’s probably best to shut down Openfire before you do this).

Guus, I’ve just copied openfire.jar from the latest zip (openfire_2016-01-25.zip) over the one in /opt/openfire/lib and restarted Openfire. Nothing has changed: the group order is still incorrect. Is there anything else to try?

No, I’m afraid not. The bug you’re experiencing appears to have a different cause than what was fixed in the upcoming 4.0.1 release.

OK. Any chances you gonna fix it in near future?

I can’t tell at this time, sorry.

Can I (or you) create a bug in your tracker so I could check from time to time about its readiness?

OF-1059 LDAP Group order is off - Jive Software Open Source

Hi Guus, 4.0.3 has just been released but the changelog doesn’t show this bug was addressed. Are there any news on when this bug gonna be fixed?

In response to your message on the ticket:

Hello. 4.1.1 is already released, but the issue is still in place. We can’t upgrade from 3.10.3 since users are being messed up. Can you please force fixing this issue?

This ticket is not closed and there is no “Fix Version” attached, so it is obvious it is the same in 4.1.1 as nobody has provided a fix for this yet. You can’t force anything, this is an Open Source project driven by volunteers only. Anyone can provide patches and contribute.

P.S. such discussion shouldn’t take place in the JIRA, this is not useful for ticket itself.