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4.0rc1's XmppConnection's  callConnectionAuthenticatedListener() and PrivateDataManager's getInstanceFor

sorry for posting as doc before. i’m a new comer to smack, recentely i update asmack from 0.8.10 to smack 4.0.0 rc1, and found 2 problems. pls tell me if i’m wrong, thanks

1> in XMPPConnection.java we have

void callConnectionAuthenticatedListener() {

for (ConnectionListener listener : getConnectionListeners()) {




and in Roster.java’s we have

connection.addConnectionListener(new AbstractConnectionListener() {

public void authenticated(XMPPConnection connection) {

// Anonymous users can’t have a roster, but it iss possible that a Roster instance is

// retrieved if getRoster() is called before connect(). So we have to check here

// again if it’s an anonymous connection.

if (connection.isAnonymous())


if (!connection.getConfiguration().isRosterLoadedAtLogin())


try {



catch (SmackException e) {

LOGGER.log(Level.SEVERE, “Could not reload Roster”, e);





if we call connection.getRoster() before login(as suggest by http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/smack/docs/latest/documentation/roster.html), then in Roster.java i’m expecting connection.addConnectionListener is called and wait authenticated event to reload roster, but authenticated() is not called by XMPPConnection at all, so we can’t get any roster

2>in PrivateDataManager.java

private static final Map<XMPPConnection, PrivateDataManager> instances = new WeakHashMap<XMPPConnection, PrivateDataManager>();

public static synchronized PrivateDataManager getInstanceFor(

XMPPConnection connection) {

PrivateDataManager privateDataManager = instances.get(connection);

if (connection == null) {

privateDataManager = new PrivateDataManager(connection);


return privateDataManager;


if param connection is not null, new PrivateDataManager(connection) will never called. and since “instances” is both static and private, i don’t think there is any other way to fill the date, so PrivateDataManager.getInstanceFor(connection) is always return null. i change " if (connection == null) " to “if(privateDataManager == null)” and it works

so i don’t know if there is sth wroing with my code, or pls confirm whether it’s a bug or not. thank you Flow and all.

Thanks for reporting. 1. and 2. are indeed bugs and are fixed with 3de8af6 and 865168

thank you Flow,smack is great