404 Error when browsing to http-bind URL

Hi all, I’ve seen at least a dozen posts from users with exactly the same problem, but none of them seem to contain any satisfactory explanations. I’ve spent quite some time hunting the forums to no avail. I am on a fresh install of Openfire on OS X Leopard, and have enabled HTTP Binding support on the default ports. The question I would like to pose before getting into the details of my client is this: if, in a normal web browser, I enter the binding URL http://[servername]:[binding-port]/http-bind/ should I or should I not receive a 404 response from Openfire jetty? I am under the impression that it should simply send me a descriptive message like “Welcome to openfire binding” or what not, similar to what ejabberd does out of the box.

Have you tried using a complete XML POST request?

Your web browser by default probably makes a GET request. That you’re getting a 404 could be normal behavior for a service that’s running but expecting an XML-based POST request rather than an empty GET request.

HTTP binding is one means for interacting with the server, but most

(maybe all) applications do so by sending XML stanzas via HTTP POST. If

you are looking to test manually, consider using firebug or creating a

simple form. to do the test.

Yep you’re right - the binding port will return a 404 when the request is not an XMPP stanza.