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404 error with http-bind

Hi world.

I think my problem is a current one : I can’t make muckl (jwchat) working with Openfire.

I’m trying to search for what doesn’t work in my configuration, and the first thing I want to check is that http binding is working properly.

http-binding is enabled : httpbind.enabled = true

The port I use are 7070 for the unsecure mod and 7443 for the secure mod.

When I go at http://myserver:7070/http-bind or https://myserver:7443/http-bind/ it returns me that famous error :




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I saw a post in this forum that told that it is normal that I have a 404 error if I try to reach this address with a web broswer, and that OpenFire needs a POST request to works properly.

I would like to check if Openfire works properly, do someone know what POST request I could launch to check this ?

Thanks for you help, and I hope my english isn’t approximative.


see Initiating a BOSH Session.

Oh, and maybe muckl and Openfire is useful.