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6/1/2005 Chat Transcript

Hey all,

Thanks to everyone for attending! It was a bit dis-organized this week but we had some good discussions about 2.2.0 beta bugs. For next week, I was thinking that we could have an organized bug hunt where everyone reports as many 2.2.0 bugs as possible within the 1 hour chat time period. Thoughts?



A bug hunt for next week sounds like a good plan. Should we hold off on posting in the forums any bugs we come across before then?

See you all next week,



No, definitely no reason to hold off on reporting bugs before the meeting – keep ''em coming. Ideally, everyone will spend an extra hour or two before the meeting doing bug searching, though.



heh, one or two hours… i’‘ll be at my work, and it seems i wount have free time while at work. And i’'m not using beta version, waiting for 2.1.4 release. Only then i can hunt a little:)

Do you like these bugs so much?:slight_smile: You just asking for more and more:D