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6/15 Chat Transcript

Hello all,

Thanks for attending this week’'s chat! The transcript is attached.


so i have finally upgraded to 2.2.0 beta 1 (latest build) at home today and ready to do some testing:) But, as i said in chat, we need some guidence how to do this (what to download, install, where to get, how to get it working, etc.)

Waiting for the first implementation of ICQ gateway

Actually, you touch on an interesting point.

Matt: In the future when you post chat transcripts, it would be cool if you could include a couple bullet points listing the topics discussed. That will help the rest of us decide whether or not to download and parse the whole PDF looking for nuggets. Nothing long, no real effort… just a few words.


I think that’'s a great idea. In fact, is anyone willing to volunteer as a secretary for the chats? The job would be to take some brief notes about the major points discussed and then to post those notes in the chat transcript thread. Of course, there will be guaranteed points for each posting.


hehe, poooints, my preeeeecious But, i think this job should be done by a person with English better than mine

If someone could remind me when Wednesday comes around, I’‘d actually make a chat session now and then. Heck, if i could actually show up 3 times in a row, i’'d actually volunteer.