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728/5000 Delay in message delivery to groups

We are installing version 2.9.2 of Spark workstations Windows 8, 10 … With Openfire 4.5.3 installed on Centos8, Mysql database and integrated with AD where there are 140 AD group with 1,500 user registered to access the chat. Usually connected simultaneously with an average of 800 users.
We identify when the user sends a chat to all groups in the option “Send message to the group”, it is taking too long to deliver the message. I consulted the conversation on the server and there was nothing recorded in the archive. After 10 minutes some users received the message.
Do you have any settings in Openfire that deliver the fastest message when sending to all groups?


When you send broadcast message using Spark’s internal feature (context menu of a group or Actions > Broadcast message), it is sending these messages one by one, so it takes a while until it sends out 1500 messages. I’m guessing sender’s Spark also becomes slow or unresponsive at that time.

If you need to send such messages to all users, you can instead use Broadcast plugin for Openfire. Install it on the server, then in Spark go to Actions > Start a chat. Enter all@broadcast.domain, press Enter. In the chat window type and send the message. This will go out to the server and server itself will be sending messages to all users, which should be much faster, although i would guess it should still not be completely instantaneous for such number of contacts. What do you think @guus ?

The only downside is that such message will not be shown as “Broadcast from UserX” in the tab in Spark and it won’t be recorded in the Actions > Broadcast history.