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760 max users in Windows

I’'m doing stress test and the max users online is 760. The max memory usage was changed to 300MB. With 760 users online, the memory usage is around 80MB. The database is mySql with 500 connections available. The connection pool have 100 connections available. All users connect quickly reaching the limit of 760, then new connections are stopped.

There is any setting that I have to do to increase the limit of simultaneous online users?

Hola Marco,

Jive Messenger does not have any hard limit in the number of opened connections. If I’‘m not wrong Windows XP SP2 has a limit of 1000 connections or so. However, I’'m not sure if you are hitting that limit or not. There is a patch on the web (someplace) to change the max number of opened sockets that WinXP SP2 may have. I would be interested in running your test case and check for things that could be optimized on the server.


– Gato

Thanks… I’'m using the jabbertest available on http://jabbertest.sourceforge.net/

It’'s a simple command line linux tool.

First I execute the command ./userreg -h -u to register the users on server.

After I execute ./pasvlogin -h -s -u -w to perform logon. The -w parameter holds the connection until the ENTER key be pressed.