A big bug in sparkweb?

yuserver: openfire

client: sparkweb

After logining sparkweb for a period with no action, i found that it would be always remain online status. But indeed, it has lost contact with server.

still i saw I were online, but on others’ lists, I had been out …

anyone else met the same problem??? im using IE7.0 http but not socket

Try using connection type socket instead. http-bind is not 100% reliable.

I get the same issue as well. On a slower or unstable connection the user is logged out, and it seems that what happens most of the time is that:

  1. The user is not told about this - and all seems fine. Fine as in he sees himself as being online, still sees his contacts and can try and send messages to them without error.

  2. People on this user’s roster can clearly see that he is no longer online.

I have to use http-bind as that is the whole point for me with the web client - I have to be able to sit behind proxy servers.

I can live with the http-bind not being as reliable as the socket - but surely the user can be correctly notified of what is happening with his “polling/connection”.

It is probably a bug as you have identified, SparkWeb is still beta and work-in-progress.

You could try the Red5 version of SparkWeb which has an addtional type of connection based on using a RTMP connection from Flash to the Red5 plugin. It can tunnelled over http (RTMPT) and the Red5 plugin is configured to use port 8000 for RTMPT. To use it modify your index.html page

function jive_sparkweb_getConfig()

var username = getPageParameter(‘username’, ‘’);
var password = getPageParameter(‘password’, ‘’);
var autologin = getPageParameter(‘autologin’, ‘false’);
var webapp = getPageParameter(‘webapp’, ‘red5’);
var conn = getPageParameter(‘conn’, ‘rtmp’); // socket, http or rtmp (using xmppurl below)

return {

httpLabel: “Ignite”,
httpURL: “http://www.igniterealtime.org”,
username: username,
password: password,
server: window.location.hostname,
port: conn == “socket” ? 5222 : window.location.port,
red5url: “rtmp:/sip”,
xmppurl: “rtmpt::8000/xmpp”,
webapp: webapp,
connectionType: conn,
policyFileURL: “xmlsocket://” + window.location.hostname + “:5229”,
webcamAvatar: “true”,
visualPresence: 60,
autologin: eval(autologin)

It may help or make it worse, I am not making any promises. Use at your own risk.

The latest version of the red5 plugin for openfire can be found here - http://red5.4ng.net/gtms/red5-0.1.02.zip

Cool thanks, will try that.