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A couple 3.5RC1 bugs, and MySQL concerns

We recently ran across a couple bug thats I thought I’d post here for others who are seeing similar issues:

Note: our environment is windows server 2k3 for both the OF and mysql stuff.

  1. We were running OF 3.4.5 and did an upgrade to 3.5RC1. The upgrade went well but every time I start OF from the console it says it found an outdated version of the mysql database (version 13) and that it is upgrading it (to version 16). The server runs fine but for ome reason is stuck thinking it needs to perform this upgrade each time the service starts.

  2. The second bug is a bit more serious. We’ve duplicated this 3 times on different servers so I’m pretty sure there is a problem here. Installing a fresh copy of 3.5RC1 that talks to a DB server that resides somewhere else on the network works fine. But when doing an upgrade on an OF3.4.5 install to 3.5RC1 where the mysql DB DOES NOT reside localhost causes some issues.

The upgrade finds that the DB is out of date (like in issue #1 above) and tries to perfors the upgrade to version 16. When it does this it completely crashes the remote MySQL DB server instantly. And anytime I try and start OF it will crash that remote server without fail.

In 2 of the cases innoDB was then corrupted and mysql would not start again at all until we did the “innodb_force_recovery = 3” and then were able to back everything up and drop the table entirely.

It does seem like a major bug to me that ANY application could issue any command that would simply instantly kill a mysql server. We duplicated with 5.0.42 and 5.0.51 (the latest stable) with the same results.

Get back to me if you need some more information.


Howdy, I don’t know why I can’t reproduce this locally, but it’s happened to more than one person at this point, so while I believe this to be a bug with MySQL, we clearly can’t count on folk not running one with said bug. So… See JM-1306 =) Thanks!