A couple of bugs


1.I get a lot of this message in openfire log

“2008.11.10 22:52:36 Going to buffer response body of large or unknown size. Using getResponseBodyAsStream instead is recommended.”

What does this mean ?

  1. There is a problem in openfire admin web interface in rosters when they have special chars.

Suppose you have this 4 groups :





If you now edit the group “Aname” and select Contact List (Roster) Sharing-> ->

select the other 3 groups, and “save Contact list settings”, everything seems to work well. But if you edit this group again the group “Cão” does not appears selected…something to do with charset I suppose…

3.Plugin “Monitoring Service” has a bug or I don+t understand How it works

The totals doesn´t seems to be ok, in current users, active conversations or Packets per minute.

If I select the timespan of 1 hour I have this results

Packets Per Minute

Low: 0
High: 672

Now, if I select the timepsan of 7 days I have this

Packets Per Minute

Low: 0
High: 114

well…If I have a 672 high in 1Hour, How come the 7 days have only 114 ?

Am I missing something ?


Jorge Correia

well…can´t anybody help ?


Hi,any developer ???

At least number 2 is an undocumented bug in charset…Please check this.



#1 is afaik a message of Jetty and not a bug.

For #2 I’ll create an issue.


#3 may be due to the usage of RRD, so the data gets more aggregated the larger the time span is. StatsEngine.java creates the RRD databases with “addArchive(ConsolFuns.CF_AVERAGE, …” - that’s usually fine. Using something like CF_MAX may be possible but I wonder if this would be a good idea.



let me just add that I´m using version 3.6.0 yet.

Regarding question number 3, stats became odd, like you can check, and I wonder Why haven´t anybody noticed this before…