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A/D Groups


Is there a way to limit what groups are pulled out of Active Directory… Right now my base DN is the entire domain (needed to get all the proper users)… And it grabs every group inside the domain… I have all the groups I want in one OU (container)… Can I specify to only pull those groups??

Hello jsherman

I think you can use the ldap.groupSearchFilter[/i] – the search filter that should be used when loading groups. If this property is not set, the default value is (“ldap.groupNameField”=).

Remember to enble to ldapProvider[/i] in the provider /isection of the config file.


That is awesome… But I’'m looking in the docs to find an example and have none… Does anyone have such an example…

For groups, their samAccountname can be used to identify which group to pull out. For example, this search string can retrieve groups with names starting with AAA or BBB:


Although I think should be used instead of *…

Thanks all for the help here is what I ended up with in the config…