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A few ideas?

Just set this thing up and really like it!!! There’‘s a few things I need to do and can’'t figure out how. Maybe these should be feature requests?

  1. I don’'t really want everyone running the spark client to tell if someone is on the phone or not. Can it be made so that offline users still show phone status?

  2. This might be for the spark or wildfire list, but couples with the last question… I want to create a group called “Cell Phones” that has contact’‘s cell phone numbers that will be used for click to call. I create the group and add the contacts in wildfire, but they show up in the Offline group. They will never be online as they aren’‘t actually users. Is there a way to force global groups to show the users in their group as opposed to offline? This would be really helpful as I would like to create multiple phone books in this manner. This would also be nice for companies that use alot of groups to organize the users, many of which won’'t be using the client.

I second this. I have many users with phones and not computers and it’'d be nice to be able to monitor them also.

Is a legal wish, I think it is possible to change that. Can you put that as feature request

in the issue tracker?

IMHO a misuse as phonebook. Maybe the IM client should get a feature to

to browse a directory and issue calls, but I don’'t think that the creation of

“dummy IM users” within Wildfire make sense.

This sounds like a special case of a normal click-to-dial feature that

should be present in the phone book application of your choice.

I am using Kontact as PIM and have click-to-dial by sending IM messages

via Kopete and some shell script magic.