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A few questions about the getways

  1. If i want to log in as a icq\msn memmber i have to log in to the jabber network first with a jid? (for my best understanding it’'s true)

  2. After i log on to the getway (icq\msg) the code is the same? i mean if there is no diffrent between getting a roste/sending a messag/getting a message with a getway

between doing all of that with jabber (using smack offcurse)?

  1. Can someone put a small demonstration off “How to connect to a getway” ? like if my ICQ# is 10000 and my password is “password” and the server is “amessage.at”.

Mybe you can put this title as “Sticky” so it will be at the head of the forum.

10q all


Any one?


This isn’‘t a Smack question really. Certain servers do support gateways. I’‘d recommend contacting the community of whatever server you’'re using to ask them these questions.



I looked up for severs that support getways, and I wanna use the Service Discovery function that smack support that function.

My goal is to use a constant server with a constant getway (bloodyxml.com, icq.chote.com) but i dont know how to log in as an ICQ user…

So i think that a question for smack

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Gotcha, thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately, I’‘ve never used gateways before so don’'t know what you need to do to make them work through Smack.