A kind of sily question

dear folks, i am new to the IM world, especially to the jabber world. for one of my course project, i have to add in some security features to a IM client. I am so impressed by the Spark’'s look and feel, however, once i see that Spark has so many source code files, i am a little bit scared. Since i just want a simple IM client, is there any trimmed down version of Spark, i.e. only left with the look & feel and some basic functions, like login and text chat. Or, does anyone know except Spark, is there any simple open source Java IM client?

Thanks a lot!

With a little bit of knowledge of Swing

and some basic use of Smack, I don’'t think it would be to hard to do a little jabber client.

I guess it really depends on what exactly you need to do for this assignment.

There is a lot of different things going on with Spark.

I know it may be a bit of a time limit for this assignment, hopefully someone (including Derek) might have more of a Skeleton Jabber client in Java somewhere.


Wish some suggestions can be given. Millions of thanks!