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A new name: Openfire

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve chosen a new name for the Wildfire server: Openfire. There’s several things I really like about the new name:

  • We preserve the fire theme, which makes for an easier transitition. In fact, we’re working on some snazzy updated logo ideas right now.

  • The new name better communicates two of the strongest aspects of the project: open protocol and Open Source.

  • The suggestion originally came from a community member.

  • Things look good on the trademark front.

For those looking for more context about the name change, see my original blog entry and Greg’s update. Making the full transition to the new name is going to be a long and painful process. First we’ll tag everything as “Openfire, formerly Wildfire” and then will gradually transition to just using the Openfire name. We truly appreciate everyone’s help, especially with the huge list of name ideas. I’m eager to hear what you all think of the name name!

Openfire is fine Dont forget to publish upgrade progress tutorial when going from Wildfire to Openfire. What version will it be?

Where do you want to open fire tomorrow?

Don’t forget to register the trademark in Monaco, Panama, Kuwait and Andorra

“OpenFire” seems a logical choice - but it did remind me of something i saw once… after a bit of trolling throu my del.icio.us links i found the link to the CampFire Real-time group chat software (http://www.campfirenow.com/) from 37Signals.

Do other think of campfires when they think of openfires?

But i still think OpenFire is a good name.

OpenFire is a great choice - still keeps the ‘heritage’ of Wildfire, Spark, etc. but also conveys the open aspect which separates us from the likes of Microsoft.


Ok, so its Openfire! I step onto the soapbox (bad move!) and come out with my feelings: I think you Jive guys are way to cool to name a product “just”

open[anything]! This sounds a little too geekish/start_up (aka boring) to me.

But I understand that the whole issue hit you and you had to move fast to avoid legal troubles. So there was probably not enough time to get a really fancy name.

Anyway, I’ll better shut up now, becuase: The King is dead, long live the King Openfire!

W00t! Yay, I had part in naming an awesome product that I love. Keep up the good work guys.

With a name like this, we might as well get it out of our systems now, 'cause you know it’s coming. I can see the headlines already…the head turns…the looks of confusion…and the smiles creeping across the faces of those who understand…

“In the news today, XYZ Corp. is going to Openfire against its competitors’ decision to use Microsoft LCS. Costs for its competitors are expected to be quite high.”

“Jive Software, makers of the Wildfire real-time communications server, today announced they are going to Openfire. News at 11:.”

“If you’re looking for the best-of-breed in real-time communications, Openfire. If you need a robust, open-source solution for your IM needs, Openfire. If you loath proprietary protocols and lock-in, Openfire.”

Yep…things might appear a bit bloody. Hard to tell if we’re talking XMPP or some kind of military engagement.

Frank – heh, I’ll have to pass along your press release ideas to our marketing folks. We definitely want people to think of open source and open protocol first, but the “open fire!” meaning obviosly has useful properties as well.


well… its the most obvious choice… but take a look at the following links

Openfire - a game on Apple’s site


OPEN FIRE Business Services


Openfire creative ltd


GrayScale development




Personally I think its a perfect choice, it has a community sound to it and its only common to use the word “Open” because its a good idea.

Good luck with the trademarks

I preferred the name Wildfire. It sounded much more exciting.

Openfire sounds too cheesy, and also puts me in mind failures like OpenStep and OpenServer.

Sorry but I think you’ve made a real big mistake here.

Steve – bummer to hear that you don’t like the new name. Hopefully it will grow on you over time.