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A new WebSocket plugin for Openfire

While there has long been support in Openfire for early versions of XMPP over WebSocket (per Dele’s fine original plugin, and also via OfMeet), the final specification (RFC 7395) had not yet been implemented … until now! We have just released a new Openfire plugin that is compliant with the latest specs, extending the core BOSH component with a WebSocket upgrade capability where supported. Older browsers that do not support WebSocket may continue to use BOSH (HTTP long polling) as a fallback connection protocol.

The new Openfire WebSocket plugin has been tested using the Stanza.io library and is ready for immediate use. It is available for download via the Openfire plugins page or directly via the “Available Plugins” page within your local admin console. Feel free to leave feedback here in the comments or post questions to the Ignite Realtime Community site.


Hi Tom,

I’m trying to connect stanza.io (ws and bosh) with Openfire 4.1.3 . I’m using the last version of stanza.io and I have diferent problems depending of protocol:

  • bosh: I receive no-authentication. This is the messages interchanged:
    • ->>>
    • <<<- stream:featuresPLAINSCRAM-SHA-1EXTERNALCRAM-MD5</mech anism>DIGEST-MD5</stream:featu res>
    • ->>>
    • ->>>
    • <<<-
  • websocket: I don’t receive anything (plugin is installed)

Do you have any idea about this problem?

Best Regards,