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A problem of IQ.addExtension(),Help me,Thx!

First, I add ExtensionProvider in my plugin. The code is follow:

providerManager.addExtensionProvider(“testpe”, “lance:pe:test”,new TestPacketExtensionProvider());

The provider is very simple,just print a String for test.

Then , I made a IQ and Message for test:

TestIQ tiq = new TestIQ();


Message msg = new Message();

and a PacketExtension:

TestPacketExtension tpe = new TestPacketExtension();

The problem is here:

If I add the tpe in to tiq,and send the tiq, my provider dosen’t print anything.the cod is follow:



but if add the tpe in to msg,adn send the msg , my provider can work very well. the code is follow:



Sorry,my english is not very well.

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my TestIQ code:

public class TestIQ extends IQ {
private String info;

public TestIQ(){


public String getChildElementXML() {
StringBuilder buf = new StringBuilder();
buf.append("<test xmlns=“lance:iq:testiq”>");
buf.append("" + getInfo() + “”);
return buf.toString();

public String getInfo() {
return info;

public void setInfo(String info) {
this.info = info;