A quick online test to help configuring the server for XIFF use

Being (with others) under XIFFIAN, I had several talks with users who had problems configuring their server and putting their chat using XIFF online.

In answer, I made this quick php script that tests the configuration and help users by providing some solutions…

The link is here, it may be temporary, depending on the web mirrors limitations (php related) :


But Can you please clarify, that why it is trying to send my username & Password to b0ris@usuc.dyndns.org

Read the instructions…

“Create a temporary user on your jabber server” - Sure : you send you l/p to another server using php… it can’'t be safe!

It’'s a test script that was tested on my server… I used the class.jabber.php and I made a few tests to try what was needed to make sure it works… A first, I was trying to send me password,but as I never received any message (neither from my own tests)… so I forgot to clean it.

I admit I could have made it clearer and make a second verification to check no useless code was active…

Anyway, if I would want to know your l/p, I’‘ld store it in a mysql table, and wouldn’'t show anything of that (surely not on YOUR jabber log). I would also not tell you to use a temp user…

Did it worked for your server, or not? that the real question I wanted to ask by making such a dummy test!

I think you’‘re reaction is comprehensive even it you didn’'t follow the the simple rules that are:

-Create a temporary user on your jabber server (if all goes fine, you’'ll get connected on your server).

-Fill the form

-Click Test! and wait less than 30 seconds (time for timeouts)

Dear Boris,

Now I understand that you have not done it intentionally.

Hope to get more good stuffs from you.

Thanks & Regards,

Puspendu Banerjee

Email: puspendub@inuva.co.in