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A resources list

I did a little searching on the forum and did find the question asked here:


but as far as I can tell from browsing around the API, there is currently no way to get all of a user’'s resources currently logged on, or even any of them for that matter. The reason i need them is for service discovery purposes. Because, if I am attempting to discover what services a RosterEntry offers i need their resource. Am I missing a way at getting their resources?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hey Alex,

I’'m not sure if you are trying to get all the resources of a contact in your roster or all your resources where you have connected. Anyway, have you checked the message Roster#getPresences(String)? Moreover, you can trying doing a service discovery on the bare JID of the user and the server MAY return all the resources where the user is connected.


– Gato


That’'ll work, thanks!