" A server or plugin update was found: Openfire 3.7.0", keeps popping up


On Spark clients, every time one logs on, we get the following message.

I have upgraded Openfire a few weeks ago, but obviously I must have missed something because it keeps coming with the same message.

Would you know what I need to check and do to complete the installation


You can go to Server Settings > Manage Updates and disable those notifications. Though only admins should be notified. Also something is indeed wrong if it still notifies about 3.7.0 after you upgrade to 3.7.0. Maybe you are still using a Beta version?


disabling the notifications did the trick. Of interrest, when I went to the web admin, it showed me that version 3.7.0 was available to install.

I installed it at the linux level, but obviously not 100% as it is not reflected in the admin web page.

At this stage, I am not too worried, as everything works fine for our needs