A Simple Auth Provider Implementation Fails

Hi Everyone

I am trying to implement a custom authentication provider by implementing the interface AuthProvider. The AuthProvider#authenticate is able to successfully invoke a remote web service by sending the credentials over an HTTPS connection. After the method AuthProvider#authenticate returns, the XMPPCallbackHandler#handle kicks in and fails when it loops through the registered callbacks. It particularly fails on AuthorizationManager.authorize(username, principal).

My questions are:

  • Do I need to do anything else, apart from JUST implementing the AuthProvider interface?

  • If yes, then what are the documented steps in order to get a custom AuthProvider implementation working, that does not support password retrieval?

Thanks in advance! I am going through various loops and I am still to see a good answer to these questions. I have seen the ClearSpace implementation, but it has so many other interfaces implemented apart from just AuthProvider.