A/V client for android?

Is there such a thing as an adroid based client with A/V?

What are you asking? A XMPP client for android that supports JINGLE or ?

Not really sure, just starting out with android stuff.

I’ve got an openfire install and using the latest spark client, we can do audio/video.

I noticed the flash 11 came out yesterday so I updated an android tablet but now I can’t find an openfire client for the tablet, let alone one which supports A/V.

Does that better explain?

So you don’t really know what you are asking and then you complain in another thread about not getting answers?

Is that the only reason you replied, just to egg me on? Give me a freaking break.

My observation is still correct and I am completely allowed to ‘complain’ if I like. You have ZERO say in it.

Anyone can plainly see that MOST questions in these forums fo unanswered, doesn’t take much to notice that.

I just explained EXACTLY what I’m after. Are you that, um, gee, can’t think of a word… that you can’t understand what I just asked?

It’s clear English, you can’t automagically know everything you’ve never played with and I’ve not played with android long enough to know everything that’s out there for it. I’m sure you don’t know everything that’s out there for it either.

So, the question remains…

Is there an android based openfire client which allows A/V similar to the PC based spark client does.

If you can’t understand that or figure you need to argue with me, then you’re probably someone who doesn’t like to give anyone answers because you’re too busy commercializing something that is thought to be open but truly isn’t anymore.

Go away and don’t mess up my thread if you don’t have anything constructive to say.

Hehe, okay. IgniteRealtime does not produce an android based client. There are android clients out there like Jabairu (sp) and others, but I am not aware of any AV client, nor have I tried any AV client with openfire. I’ll go hijack your other questions I guess.

Ah, a nice answer, I appreciate that.

Spark for windows works perfectly for A/V in my testing so far.

BTW, I realize that IgniteRealtime doesn’t product anything, I’ve looked around, and I asked in case someone might know of such a client elsewhere.