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Aaargh! Psi works, Spark doesn''t!

Groups and their members showing up. Presence is working. Everything, fine, in Psi.

Not in Spark.

1.1 goinig to be a bit better? Sure hope so!


I don’'t know what problem you are having, but it seems to be a serious one

Maybe you want to give some details about the server you are using, probably not Wildfire but jabberd 2.0 ?


No. Wildfire. LDAP’‘s working fine. When I use Psi, it successfully does what Spark isn’‘t doing properly. No presence information, no groups – everything’'s screwed up in Spark.

I don’‘t even know how to go into detail, except to say that Active Directory LDAP-based group rosters and presence just don’'t work in Spark.

If Psi is working fine, I can’'t imagine what settings on Wildfire could help.

I’'ll wait till 1.1 before I go nuts, though.

… so in 20 hours and we should know more. Hopefully you don’'t have to use the XMPP debugger window, but on the other hand as it is available one should also use it


rasqual, you may be running into the LDAP based shared group roster bug in Wildfire. I don’‘t know how much testing you’‘ve done, but if you share groups populated from LDAP, there are many presence problems. Mostly presense doesn’'t get updated unless the client logs in again. This should happen in all clients, Psi included. I say this might be your problem because maybe you tried Psi second, so it was able to see the Spark user signed on, but spark did not see the Psi user.

Otherwise you have quite the special bug, we have been running Spark and Wildfire with LDAP for a month now with the above the only problem(temporarily solved by manually creating groups and sharing them).

Hi Rasqual,

I logged into your server (using the secret code you gave me) and was able to see you and another person online. This is with the 1.1 client.


Yes, Jbird, you’'ve struck on it. Perhaps all of it. However, frustrations with groups still abound – especially not being able to specify security for rooms leveraging LDAP groups. So close and yet so faaarrgh!

Thanks for checking, Ddman. Is 1.1 up? Going to find out. More from me later.

Thanks to everyone for moral support, along with the other kind.

Psi would be the only other candidate for what we’‘re trying to do. BTW, we’‘re a non-profit special education company with about a dozen schools. We need to replace Windows Messenger because Microsoft split off messaging from Exchange in the 2003 incarnation, and we can’‘t afford the $8000 licensing for Live Communications Server to stick with Microsoft. As for Psi, it’‘s too “breakable” for our people – too “widgetable” such that we’'d likely be hearing the “Help desk, how do I get back to having it so that . . .” chorus from users. Spark is nicely minimalist. So, of course, all of us who like it will clamor for the next 5 years for more features. LOL