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Ability to add MSN contacts into Spark Group-chats

Got a couple of requests for the ability to add MSN contacts into Spark created chat rooms.

Freelancers working from home are currently unable to join a spark-based chat.

This is pretty low priority but they would appreciate the functionality.



MSn contacts into spark created chat rooms? Hrm. What exactly do you mean. There’‘s “multi-user chat” in MSN where you chat with multiple people and that basically just means a bunch of MSN people talking. I didn’‘t have any plans on adding in any functionality to somehow magically pull MSN users into a real XMPP muc chat. I mean if nothing else every last message coming from the MUC room would look like it’‘s coming from a single user to MSN users. At best I could see something where a bot had an MSN account and sat in an XMPP room and relayed messages back and forth, but there’'s no good reason for the plugin itself to support that. That would be best handled by the bot itself. The whole concept would be similar to the old IRC bots that used to interlink multiple networks. For example, I used to be on a channel on dalnet that someone had written a bot that sat on both efnet and dalnet and relayed efnet messages to us… it was a little weird and out of sync" sometimes. It generally looked to the users like:

Hrm, where did sally go?

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